Research & Development

At this stage, due to "emerging technology", focus is on "course contents" for any degree, offered by WBUT in close association with AICTE. The R&D Division of IST encourages and asks the student to do several REAL-TIME Projects in different disciplines. Thus, students are coached and trained for competitive exams like GATE, NET, CAT, MAT etc. in India. With time, R&D division will shift its activities from "more Industry oriented research" to "more academic oriented research" to create "more teachers" than "more managers". 



Human Resources & Training

At IST, Human Resources are valued more than "Animal Resources" although we know that plants supply Oxygen, free of cost. But, we also make our students REALISE that it's better to serve plants and animals than thecrooked and criminal people of human society if these "Social - Criminals" do not get civilized. 


Future Plan

In Academic section, our future plan is written in the last four paragraphs. We intend to become a degree awarding University / Institute with full autonomy; we will grant B.A, B.Sc, B.Com, M.A, M.Sc, M.Com, Management Degrees, Engineering Degrees & Medical Degrees at that stage from Bachelor's level to Doctorate level. 
But we will be very careful on inducting "Legal Sciences and Judicial Sciences", even after 25 years, at this Institutes as we are not interested in "word-making" & "word-marketing" business; hence we are more interested in the advancement of Science and Technology.