• It is the aim of the Library of the Gopsai Avinandan Sngha to serve the varied needs of its many readers efficiently.
  • The Library makes available to the staff,Teacher Training, Engineering, Management students, a wide collection of literature, including Books, Journals, Reference Sources and pamphlets.
  • The amount of newly published information available to the Teacher Training , Engineering & Management students, demands a flexible library system and trained library staff.
  • This site explains the resources, services, privileges and regulations and Electronic Resources like e-Journals, e-books etc., of the library.
  • It should enable readers to obtain the information they seek in the most expeditious and efficient manner.
  • The Library Staff hope to serve you conscientiously and well, and thereby make their contribution to the staff, Teacher Training, Engineering, Management students.
  • A Internet cafe available in the Library where students have accessibility to get e-books, e-journals etc. without any extra cost.
  • A open comfortable air-conditioned space available for reading room where students can read books/journals peacefully.

The Library has access to:

(i) IEL online which provides unparallel access to more than 950,000 documents form over 12,000 publications of the Institute of electrical and Electronics (IEEE) and Institute of Electrical Engineers (IEE) and

(ii) Mc-Graw Hill's Digital Engineering Library(DEL) which provides online access to selection of more than 4000 articles covering arounf 12 major areas of engineering and more than 200 topics