Mission & Vision

Mission To promote quality education in all the streams with a view to establish research units.
To provide all amenities for the students, faculty members and hostel by establishing both residential and non-residential institution.
To create the opportunities for research and surveys on technical subjects.
To create the opportunities to the students and faculty members to enhance their skills to interact with industry and globalize the opportunities by arranging guest lectures, seminars, conferences, symposium and workshops and thus enable them to mingle and exchange views with intelligentsia and elite of the society.
To impart coaching for students preparing for entrance examinations for technical and professional courses.
To provide and extend facilities like libraries, book clubs all over the country.
Facilities learning of intricacies of Indian education to foreign nationals, and thus become the ambassadors of systems of Indian education, which will provide an opportunity for cultural and educational exchange.

The Ambience
Gopsai Avinandan Sangha founded the Institute of Science & Technology (IST) with the sole aim to serve the people by imparting quality education. This Institute is situated in a pristine location like Santiniketan atmosphere at Chandrakona Town, Paschim Medinipur, and West Bengal. IST is aiming at imparting value-based education to students.

IST promises a rich campus with perfect surrounding for students to study. Chandrakona Town is a historical place, birthplace of Vidyasagar, for a student it provides all required facility within close proximity to college.

Along with this organized surroundings the college also functions as center of excellence in education. This Institution always updates the courses offered. Thus, extensive research on course and course contents are done regularly in order to offer additional elective courses beyond what is stipulated by Governing Bodies.

Professionals from business and Industries are in the process of developing the course contents of the elective offered. These professionals from varied disciplines are invited to lecture in their disciplines regularly.

The Institution is always in search for the latest technology and the competent faculty for its students. The college also receives study material such as cassettes and the latest computer software for analyzing business problems, from various renowned institutions such as IIT Khargpur, Medinipur Medical College etc.

Individuals with immense urge for self-development encompassing the intellect, confidence and their overall personality and empowering themselves with much needed human and social skill can find a challenging atmosphere at the college.

The Institution believes that the quality of faculty members and their commitment to excellence is the core competence towards its development. In pursuit of these ideas, the founder of Gopsai Avinandan Sangha has committed their knowledge, resource and expertise in providing high quality Management, Paramedical Science, Biological Science, various Engineering and Technology discipline education for students.

The renowned, fulltime and visiting faculty members believe not only in disseminating knowledge through excellent teaching but also by creating knowledge through sustained research. This would undoubtedly benefit the students in preparing themselves for challenging business environments.

The college strives to emerge as a Centre of Excellence for advance studies and researches in Engineering, Technology, Management, Biological Science, and Paramedical Science & Health Science.