President's Desk

Mrs. Anindita Ghosh, President, Gopsai Avinandan Sangha

"Anindita Ghosh is President of Gopsai Avinandan Sangha for the last 15 years. Her vision is to develop a model Institution with job oriented course for the students coming from different parts of India and abroad."

In a world that is ruled by technology, every aspect of life is determined by the innovation, up gradation and application of technology that is relevant and manageable. The development and use of technology is again rested on the individuals who are exposed to such technology, have firsthand experience in handling it.

She extremely realize the deficiency of  Teacher Education, Technical ,Management & Pharmacy College in this area and given restless effort to  establish so many colleges in those fields.

As a President of Gopsai Avinandan Sangha, she  assure every body  that, every college of that Group  will provide and assist all the candidates in pursuing and achieving their goals.

She invites at any of the Institute  to enrich and make you efficient, confident and successful in both in academic pursuits for seeking professional excellence.

She wish all the best.